Board and Diversity Officers

The Board of the Student Forum acts as the governing and organizing body in the Student Forum. The annually elected board members take responsibility for the daily business of the association, the ongoing development of the forum, the planning of the association meetings and conferences, the supervision of the projects and the contact with the officers of the Tönissteiner Kreis and its headquarters.

The diversity officers, also elected annually, deal with issues of equal participation and the well-being of all members in the life of the association. In doing so, they support the Executive Board in the application process, external and internal procedures, and their own actions to strengthen diversity within the association. In addition, they are always available as direct contacts for feedback to all members.

The diversity officers welcome questions and suggestions at any time (see below for contact).

Board Members

The board is available for questions and comments at

Fabian Ulmer

Responsibilities: Application Process, Fall Conference and Creative Colloquium, Tönissteiner Kreis Coordination, IT (Website, Membership Directory, Email Lists), Regional Groups

In my studies of computer science I focus on artificial intelligence and its application and regulation. I joined the Student Forum in 2022 and have since been involved in the projects KlimaLokal, Schülerkolleg International, and the Sur-Place-Dialog Tokyo.

Marla Hinkenhuis

Responsibilities: Tönissteiner Prize, Calendar Maintenance, Legal Affairs, Financial Affairs

After completing my master’s degree in international social policy at the London School of Economics, I am now working in evaluation at an EU institution. I studied my bachelor’s degree in philosophy, politics and economics in Witten/Herdecke and Jerusalem. I have been in SF since 2021 and have been mainly involved in the Schülerkolleg International project.

Thomas Siurkus

Responsibilities: Annual Conference, SF Future, Fundraising, External Communication

I am a double major in law and political science at the Goethe University Frankfurt. My main interests are in the field of international references of law as well as the interface between politics and law. In 2021, I joined the Student Forum and have since been actively involved in the organization of the Spring 2022 Conference as well as the Sur-Place-Dialogue Tokyo.

Samantha Deutesfeld

Responsibilities: Spring Conference, Diversity Initiative, Annual General Meeting, Sustainability

I am currently writing my bachelor thesis on feminist development policy in political science. I studied at Hawai’i Pacific University and at JGU in Mainz. I will be doing my Master’s in Peace and Conflict Studies and I joined the Student Forum in Fall 2022. I am currently involved in the podcast project “KlimaLokal”.

Verena Märker

Responsibilities: International Cooperations, Yearly Chronicle, Internal Communication, SF Monhtly

Last year, I completed my Bachelor’s degree in Political Science. I am currently studying in the double master’s program “International Affairs” at Sciences Po Paris and LSE. In the fall of 2022, I joined the Student Forum and have since been involved in the Student International Project. In the new board year, I will be mainly responsible for the chronicle, internal communication and international affairs.

Diversity Officers

The diversity officers can be reached at the following email address:

Clara Kiesbye

After a double bachelor’s degree in German and Spanish law in Seville, I am now studying law in Bayreuth. Since 2021, I have been a member of the Student Forum, for which I helped organize the 2022 Spring Conference. I already dealt with diversity issues in honorary, especially political and human rights contexts.

Jessica Ziegler

Since 2021, I have been involved in the Schülerkolleg International project as a member of the student forum. Via an apprenticeship as an IT specialist for application development in Regensburg, I found my way to Potsdam to the Hasso Plattner Institute, where I completed the Bachelor IT-Systems Engineering. As part of the master’s degree program in Data Engineering, I am spending a study year at Télécom Paris in the French Diplôme d’Ingénieur.

Former board members

2022 – Aleksandra Ratajczak, Andreas Wiese, Dünya Baradari, Johannes Drexler, Marie Thomas

2021 – Hannah Brügmann, Paul Dießelberg, Nadim Hammoud, Christina Langer, Karim Saleh

2020 – Volkan Akdogan, Carl Gödecken, Arman Raayatsanati, Lara Render, Nadja Yang

2019 – Thilo Braun, Thilo Kerkhoff, Sophie Schäffer, Julius Schulte, Lucie Yertek

2018 – Isabella Beck, Elisabeth Jenschke, Alexander Kauschanski, Tanja Mascha, Imme Warnecke

2016 – Alicia von Voss, Anna Steinberg, Bruno Schmidt-Feuerheerd, Charlotte von Streit, Christiane Licht

2015 – Jonas Freist-Held, Christiane Licht, Falk Schneider, Pepe Strathoff, Rebecca Swalve

2014 – Clara van den Berg, Hanno Focken, Amélie Heldt, Carina Lange, Julia Lemke

2013 – Clara Böcher, Lukas Bretzinger, Friederike Müller, Till Sagasser, Isabelle Woopen

2012 – Clara Böcher, Lukas Bretzinger, Carleen Kluger, Elisabeth Loose und Zsófia Tari

2011 – Carleen Kluger, Kay Neumann, Zsófia Tari, Andrea Thiel und Nele Weßels

2010 – Hendrik Doobe, Frieder Meidert, Kay Neumann, Andrea Thiel und Florian Woitek

2009 – Philipp Beiter, Hendrik Doobe, Frieder Meidert, Milena Seibold und Florian Woitek

2008 – Henry Haaker, Lena Kampf, Simon Müller, Tobias Peyerl und Johanna Resch

Former diversity officers

2022 – Svenja Bauer, Nana Tigges

2021 – Rohat Akcakaya, Dünya Baradari, Arman Raayatsanati

2020 – Mareike Peschau, Jakob Wessel

2019 – Nina Brandau, Andreas Holzinger

2018 – Ivo Bantel, Julia Tappe-Ortiz

Former members with supporting function

Martin Schmid · Editing, internal communication and translation
Kay Henning Brodersen · Project management and technology
Jann Spiess · Project management and technology
Andreas Saerbeck · Editorial management
Kajetan von Armansperg · Technology and layout 
Milena Seibold · Editing and photos 
Florian Woitek · Editing

Cornelius Vogt · Editing
Andrea Thiel · Editing
Caterina Rost · Editing
Alexander Reidiess · Technology
Fabienne Rasel · Editing and photos 
Lisa Prager · Editing