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Politeia Network


The international partner organizations of the Student Forum are connected with each other in the Politeia Network (Wikipedia article).


Together with the other partner organizations of this international student network, the Student Forum is committed to providing students from all over the world with a deeper understanding of international contexts and accelerating the development of intercultural competence. Furthermore, it aims to link the organisations and their members transnationally and to create awareness among the decision-makers of tomorrow for the interests and values that exist beyond their own national borders.


Besides the Student Forum in the Tönissteiner Kreis, the following organizations (in alphabetical order of countries) are members of the Politeia Network:

Belgium · Conférence Olivaint de Belgique

CO belgien

The Conférence Olivaint de Belgique was founded on November 7, 1954, following the example of the French Conférence Olivaint as a politically and religiously independent student organization. Under the motto “Comprendre la gouvernance pour apprendre à gouverner”, the Conférence’s aim is to teach its student members the values of responsible citizenship in addition to their university education.

Croatia · European Circle Croatia

EC kroatien

European Circle – Croatia (EKH) was founded in 2001 with the help of the Tönissteiner Kreis. The main goal of the EKH is to bring together young, ambitious people who are willing to work in the public interest and to work for the common good. Academic excellence is expected from its members, as well as the willingness to work in an international environment and to accompany Croatia’s integration process into the international community.

France · Conférence Olivaint

CO frankreich

Founded in 1875, the Conférence Olivaint is a forum for independent political thought and the oldest French student organization. Contrary to its original charitable concept, the organization today focuses on the political education of its members. Its former members (“Anciens”) include famous actors, ministers, parliamentarians and other personalities from the entire spectrum of the French political scene.

Lithuania · Vilnius University Students’ Association

VSA litauen

The Vilnius University Students’ Association was founded in 1989 as a student association of the University of Vilnius. Its aim is to represent the academic, social and cultural interests of the students of Vilnius University both inside and outside the University. It improves study conditions by organizing recreational activities and cultural events that strengthen the student community and communication among students.

Mexico · Conferencia Mariano Otero

COMO mexiko

The Conferencia Mariano Otero (COMO) is a student organization whose main objective is the consolidation of a democratic culture in Mexico. It is independent of political parties, ideologies, and religions. With the aim of creating a space for impartial and constructive discussion, the organization keeps its doors open to students and young graduates of any academic or ideological background.

Poland · Center for International Initiatives

CIM polen

The Center for International Initiatives emerged from the Young Diplomat’s Center in 2012. Its members are largely composed of doctoral candidates and graduate students. The goal of this independent organization is to promote social awareness through current public debates.

Slovakia · Efpolit

EP slowakei

Efpolit is a politically independent organization of students and young graduates of the Matej Bel University in Banská Bystrica, Slovakia. It was founded in 1998 as one of the first student initiatives of the Chair of Politics and International Relations at Matej Bel University. The members, together with other young, interested people, are committed to internationalism and public engagement.

Spanien · Foro Generación del 78

FG78 spanien

The Foro Generación del 78 was founded in 1999 with reference to the democratic constitution of Spain. The independent organization sees itself as a platform for discussion of political, economic and cultural international issues. Furthermore, its members want to strengthen civil society and initiate public debates through social commitment. Its members are mainly composed of young professionals.


GC grossbritannien

The GRIMSHAW Club is a student association that was founded in 1923 at the London School of Economics and Political Sciences (LSE). As one of the oldest and largest student societies at the LSE, the GRIMSHAW Club organizes regular panel discussions on international relations. In addition, the GRIMSHAW Club organizes regular study trips, during which some places are reserved for members of the Student Forum.

History of the Network


The Politeia Network was founded at the third International Summer Academy (ISA) in Paris in 2002. At that time, the partner organizations signed an agreement drafted on the initiative of the International Relations Officers of the Student Forum and the Conférence Olivaint de Paris, “Politeïa – Agreement on the establishment of a partnership for the development of international Civil Society through political education and debate”. Supplements and amendments to the Politeia Agreement were signed in the “Zagreb Amendments” at the fourth ISA in Zagreb and the “Mexico-City Amendments” at the fifth ISA in September 2004 in Mexico. The post of a Politeia Coordinator was created, who is a member of the partner organization that will organize the International Summer Academy (ISA) the following year.

The International Summer Academy (ISA) is the central event of the network. It takes place once a year, with the organizations taking turns in running it.

In 2007, the Academy was held under the patronage of Federal Foreign Minister Dr. Frank-Walter Steinmeier by the Student Forum in Berlin.

Under the patronage of the Federal Minister of Justice Heiko Maas, the ISA 2015 was again held in Berlin by the Student Forum.

Additional Partner: Youtrex

youtrex Claim klein

Since 2016, the student forum has been able to win the non-profit career network, youtrex, as a cooperation partner. youtrex stands for “your track to excellence”, because together with strong partners from science, business and society, youtrex accompanies prospective academics from the Abitur to a successful start in their careers. youtrex is supported by the foundation DGAN (Deutsche gemeinnützige Gesellschaft für akademische Nachwuchsförderung – Federal non-profit society for the promotion of young academics).

Scholar Support Program

Within the framework of the Scholar support program, members of the Student Forum receive exclusive support and offers from youtrex partners such as

• Exclusive invitations to scholarships/support programmes, campaigns and events by youtrex partners (companies, universities, NGOs)
• Exclusive tickets or guaranteed admission to student congresses
• The opportunity to participate in regional network meetings – the Scholar Circles – and to make versatile contacts to other committed scholars
• Exclusive job offers from our partner companies
• A free annual subscription to the German newspaper F.A.Z. (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung) and the Hochschulanzeiger
• The recognition of the special achievements in form of a scholar certificate

As the career network of a foundation company, youtrex regularly awards cash value scholarships within the framework of large scholarship campaigns, supported by youtrex partners. There, students and graduates of certain fields of study can apply for one-off scholarships to realise special projects and goals.

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