The content work of the Student Forum takes place in project groups, which form and organize themselves independently. The aim of the projects is to take up current social topics and provide impulses for public debate through a new, young perspective. There are hardly any limits to creativity in terms of formats and content – the students choose and design the projects themselves.

Each member can propose new projects and launch them in a project group. The regular events of the SF, such as the spring conference or the admission and creative colloquium in autumn for the new cohort, help in the search for new team members. The project group is in charge of the project: from the idea to the concept to the implementation of the project. The members determine the topics, look for sponsors, invite speakers and bring the project to a close. On the one hand, this requires a high degree of initiative, organizational talent and commitment, and on the other hand, it leads to results of which the members can be proud.

Our projects are linked by their societal impact. However, the portfolio changes every year as our members dynamically shape and initiate new projects.

Current Projects

Projects 2022

Impressions from Previous Project Work

Characteristics of the project work

In terms of content, most of the projects have a strong degree of internationality. Among the projects to date have been research projects and conferences on topics such as the brain drain in Germany or the recruitment of politicians, study trips to Italy and Greece that provide a new perspective on the refugee issue on the ground, and many projects that promote international exchange (between students).

The formats are constantly evolving. In addition to the established conferences and study trips, new formats include workshops with schoolchildren or cooperation with companies. Particularly interesting is often the cooperation with our international partner organizations in the Politeia Network, such as the jointly organized International Summer Academy.

In their project work, the members benefit from the expertise of the members of the Tönissteiner Kreis. There is close coordination and consultation between the project groups, the representatives and the board of the Student Forum. The Tönissteiner award by the Tönissteiner Kreis is given to especially creative and ambitious projects.