Creating new things, together.

Our members initiate projects and create communication between the young generation and actively involved personalities from the world of business, science, politics and media.

We are united in our conviction that societal challenges must be tackled in an interdisciplinary and international way. To this end, we design projects with added social value.

The Student Forum

We connect committed and internationally-minded students and young professionals of all disciplines in a network that thinks and acts cosmopolitan. Moreover, we see ourselves as a politically, non-partisan and ideologically independent dialogue and project forum, with members from the most diverse backgrounds. We offer individual space for shaping within the framework of our project work and thereby promote socio-political responsibility.

Our work stands in a regular exchange with the Tönissteiner Kreis e.V. and prepares our members for international assignments in high-responsibility positions.

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Why Student Forum?

Would you like to promote the exchange between Germany and other countries and create tangible social value through your commitment? If so, the Student Forum offers the ideal framework for implementing your project idea together with other motivated university students.

Current Projects

The centrepiece of the student forum is the project work. It takes place in project groups, which form and organise themselves independently. Since our members live and study in many different places, it is not unusual for project teams to work together across different time zones.

Our projects share the principle of adding value to society. However, the areas change every year as our members dynamically shape and initiate the projects. Our current project breakdown is as follows:

Political Consulting & Dialogue with Civil Society

The SahelforFuture project aims to broaden the existing strongly security policy oriented perspective on the Sahel with knowledge, expertise, experiences and reports on the young generation on the ground. In the long term, the goal is to create an student-level exchange program between Germany and the Sahel.

Another project of the Student Forum explores how civil society engagement in foreign policy can be strengthened. To this end, contact is being sought both with NGOs and with decision-makers in government organizations in order to develop policy recommendations.

“Singapure statt Schützenfest” examines the internationality of political careers. In a research project based on an earlier collaboration between the Student Forum and researchers at the University of Basel, they are analyzing the influence of a career in politics on the ability to gain experience abroad.

Mentoring and Education

Every year, the Schülerkolleg International organises two seminar weekends for 25 students. During the pandemic, the project team moved to a digital format.

The project Data Literacy aims to strengthen society’s understanding of data and its interpretation. For this purpose, it produces a variety of different multimedia educational formats.

Networking and Skill Building

Empowering Future Entrepreneurs aims to break down barriers in the startup scene and promote diversity. In the medium term, the promotion of start-ups in the university sector is to be given special focus.

As part of a webtalk series, the China Insights project team regularly invites experienced China experts from academia, business, the media and politics to discuss current topics relating to China.

Youth Rethinking Arms Control (YRAC) aims to bring young people closer to the topic. To this end, they organized an online seminar series on topics such as warfare in space and containment of biological weapons.

2022 Chronicle

An excellent overview of the association’s work is provided by our annual Chronicles, especially the current Chronicle 2022. Our pages on LinkedIn and Instagram also provide more information about the current activities of the Student Forum.

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