We can count on support from various sides in the implementation of our goals. In addition to sponsors who support the activities of the Student Forum as a whole (main sponsors), there are also sponsors who support individual projects (project sponsors). Among the sponsors of individual projects, there are sponsors from the public sector, companies, and foundations.

We would like to thank the sponsors, the general sponsor, and partners of the Student Forum, who make the activities of the association possible through their support and trust. Without the generous financial support as well as the conceptual help, the many pieces of advice and the networking of contacts, the activities of the Student Forum could not take place. A very special thanks also goes to the many individuals, especially the members of the Tönissteiner Kreis, who enrich the work of the Student Forum with their knowledge and expertise and support the association financially.

Main Sponsor

Our main sponsor bears the internal project costs of the Student Forum through financial contributions. Among other things, the annual admission colloquium, in the course of which the new generation of the Student Forum develops its projects, the internal creative colloquium, an annual project work meeting of all project groups as well as the various regional activities of the association are financially secured. The events serve the internal networking of the members and joint work on the various sociopolitical initiatives of the association.

Our current main sponsor is the