International career and life paths

International career and life paths are not only associated with many opportunities, but can also pose various challenges: Are pension entitlements acquired abroad recognised in Germany? How can dual careers of couples be facilitated in the international field?  How can international travel be made compatible with sustainability? In this project, we want to uncover relevant challenges of international professionals and identify individual, societal and political approaches to solving them. Together, we will formulate the requirements for employers and politics from the perspective of young people in order to make international career and life paths more accessible and attractive. 

To this end, a first internal exchange in pairs of members of the Student Forum took place in the summer of 2021 which allowed to share personal experiences in a protected setting. Key results, including various recommendations for future generations, were gathered through a a survey and analysed. This is to be followed by webinars in which the members of the SF will deal with particular topics in greater depth, and finally the project is to culminate in a recommendation paper that will present the results to the main stakeholders and the public.