China Insights Webtalks

Whether in standardization processes in industry or the shifting of borders in the Pacific – China is an economic and political superpower that is acting with increasing self-confidence. Germany and Europe cannot afford to ignore this fact. It is therefore essential to find the right answers to the questions from Asia and to actively shape relations with China. How this can be achieved, especially by our generation, will be discussed with our guests during our webtalk series “China Insights”. We invite renowned experts and decision-makers from the fields of science, politics, culture and business and a connection to China. Together, we want to discuss possible implications of China’s development for Europe within the framework of China Insights and discuss room for cooperations with China.
In spite of the professional demands, personal insights into life on the ground should not be neglected. In addition to answering substantive questions, we also hope that the project will awaken general interest in China and encourage people to engage with the country. Our guests have already proven that this can be successful and that a valuable exchange can take place in an entertaining way.