Our Vision: Practical education in democracy to foster early political engagement!

Democracy thrives on young, responsible citizens who interfere, question, participate – even at school. It is precisely this commitment that DEMOKRADU wants to promote – and empower students to participate in democratic processes at an early age.

We want to achieve this by providing practical political education. To this end, we offer free learning and teaching materials on topics ranging from organizing a protest, starting petitions, running for a youth parliament to joining a party. Whether in local or state politics, on pan-German issues or on questions of European-wide significance: young people and their participation are fundamental to a diverse discourse and the future of our democracy!

What do we offer?

What do we offer to students?

We give students online access to free and appropriate content for independent learning and experiencing democracy. The promotion of active participation helps to make our democracy tangible, accessible and thus alive even for next generation.

What do we offer to teachers?

We provide teachers with educational material that they can use in their political classes. In this way, they become multipliers of our vision in everyday school life and teach young people ways of actively shaping our democracy.