Pitching in together

#hilferegister – Your central hub for social work during the Corona crisis

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We want to create a central contact point for social commitment in the Corona crisis with the help registry. This will enable everyone to do their part in combating the corona virus and upholding the system more quickly. We firmly believe that, by realizing our full potential as human beings, we can jointly master the challenges of the pandemic.


  • Many initiatives need support (in various forms), but currently have neither expertise nor manpower to deal with it actively
  • Many citizens would like to get involved, but do not have an overview of the needs and initiatives in the area
  • Meanwhile, other citizens or small organisations need help, but are not sure which contact point they can go to


In the wake of the Corona crisis, many charitable initiatives are offering solutions to problems specific to the issue. However, despite all the helpfulness and solidarity, there is no central contact point that clearly lists all the charitable initiatives in Germany and at the same time allows users to filter them according to their needs. Therefore, we have set up the #helpregistry as a central contact point for those who help and seek help.

You want to get involved? With the #helpregistry, you can find relevant initiatives in your environment.
You or your relatives need help? #helpregistry helps you find a suitable support offer.
Your initiative needs support? You can place requests in the #helpregistry to better reach your target group and help more people with your initiative.
The #helpregistry creates increased visibility and full transparency about charitable initiatives in Germany. As an aggregator, our solution helps to tap the full social potential of a multitude of outstanding initiatives in the Corona crisis and beyond. #helpregistry – let’s do it!